Our pets are constantly doing things that cause their tags to come into contact with external objects. Whether it's playing in the dirt or with other pets, climbing rocks, or hitting their water bowl, it's inevitable for your tag to show marks from normal wear and tear.

Our designs range from silver or gold plated tags and we strive to give them the same look as designer jewelry but at a much lower cost. And while we use the highest quality materials available at this price point, gold plating will eventually fade due to moisture, humidity, and normal wear and tear.

To prolong the shelf life of your Barkada tag, we suggest keeping it dry as much as possible by using a clean towel or cloth to wipe away moisture. You can also use a jewelry polishing cloth and mild soap and water to clean your tags regularly. A slightly damp Magic Eraser can also help to clean and bring back some shine!

Keep in mind, hanging/stacking tags with other tags can also speed up the wear and tear as metals rubbing with other metals can cause tarnishing and discoloration.


Each tag comes with the option to personalize it with your information. We use the latest fiber laser technology which leaves a permanent engraving you can actually feel, and one that will not fade over time.

Did you know you can re-darken your engraving right at home?
All you'll need is a sharpie, cloth and some rubbing alcohol.
Color in your engraving with the sharpie - don't worry if you mark "outside of the lines" or in this case, outside of the letters since the alcohol will get rid of all the excess sharpie.
Let it dry a few seconds, then wipe off the entire area with a cloth and some rubbing alcohol (a microfiber towel or cotton pad will work just fine).

Are you a visual learner like me? I got you! Here's a quick video by Barberry & Lace showing you how to do it: